About UntzUntz LAN Scan

You may be asking youself - what is UntzUntz LAN Scan...well... The UntzUntz LAN Scan searches your local SAMBA /Windows for files with such speed and accuracy that even your right hand will appreciate. Included is an advanced CGI program that enables users on your network to run searches against the database.

You may now be asking yourself - why? Good question, recently I setup a network with about 35 clients on it. Each client shared a lot of files. Finding the file you needed on the network of over 100,000 files was a pain...so I wrote this.


June 6, 2002

:: 9:33 AM ::

I released a bug fix version today. The file processor was dropping files from december assuming they were directories. This is now fixed. I made a few small changes to the cgi part of the program. A thanks goes out to Mattias Andersson for noticing some of his files weren't showing up in the search results - which led to this bug fix. Let me know if there are any other problems!

February 25, 2002

:: 10:33 PM ::

There have been a few bug fixes. You should upgrade to version 1.3c if you are having problems. Fixed for this release are: there was a seg. fault if there is white space at the end of the configuration file - this is now fixed. There was also a problem with files that are Hidden, System, Readonly, and Archive attributed. This was found because Windows XP seems to put a thumbnail.db file with these attributes in directories with graphics in them. I don't have XP - so I didn't know, and I also didn't have any files that fit that desc.
You would see this behaviour if the cgi program get hung up.

Screen Shots! Do you want to show all what your UntzUntz LAN Scan site looks like? If you've got a screen shot you'd like to share email me!

February 20, 2002

:: 6:36 PM ::

Well...the newest release is finally out. This adds the ability to force the crawler to scan certain shares. New featuresin the CGI is the templates and they are ready for primetime. Check the Readme file for the latest and greatest information.

February 19, 2002

:: 11:29 PM ::

I've been working at adding some new features. I've finished the search results templates coding and I am now testing this feature. It should allow for any level of customization. The next release will include this function and the ability to specify certain shares to scan (in case they are not being found by smbclient).

February 17, 2002

:: 12:04 PM ::

A problem was still found with longer share names. It seems 'smbclient' cuts share names after 13 characters. So, if you are seeing that a share is being cut simply rename the share to something shorter. The longer share name also was causing a problem with Version 1.2b. This is fixed in Version 1.2c.

February 17, 2002

:: 12:47 AM ::

I've redesigned the website ... do you like? Lots of new features and bug changes today. See the change log for more information. Currently we're up to version 1.2b. Future plans are to enable the administrative to specify a 'header' and 'footer', as well as a template for search results. This will give each installation a custom look and feel - and it will be able to be incorporated into any site.
Don't forget to let me know if you have any problems or thing you've found a bug. You can either email me or simply add it to the SourceForge bug tracker. There is also a section on SourceForge for feature requests.