Feature after useful feature has been put into UntzUntz LAN Scan. Of course since it is still being developed even more are on the way! Here is a brief list of features included in UntzUntz LAN Scan.

Username & Password

UntzUntz LAN Scan supports logging into shares to do searches on them. Of course, if you are using UntzUntz LAN Scan on your home network, you may not need that so simply pass 'guest' as the user with no password.


UntzUntz LAN Scan also supports passing a workgroup to the smbclient program.

Results Per Page

UntzUntz LAN Scan has configuration and on-the-fly options to specify how many results you want to see on each page of results. A default of 15, but can be modified in the configuration file or passing a parameter to the CGI program.

User-Side robots.txt

This feature allows users on your network to stop UntzUntz LAN Scan from searching their shares/directories. Why would they want to do this you ask? Well perhaps their computer is really slow and it can't handle the scanning very well...or maybe they just want their files kept to them selves. Putting robots.txt in the root of the share blocks the entire share. If it is in any other directory, that directory will be blocked.

There is also a configuration to allow the administrator to override the user's robots.txt file.

Server-Side robots.txt

This feature allows the administrator to specify a 'robots.txt' file which includes directives as to allow or deny certain computers/shares/directories from being indexed. See the Read Me file for more information about the file and it's format.